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How Mobile Apps Generate More Leads Than Websites?


In our time, mobile apps play a crucial role in business communication. But since most consumers attend to apps throughout the day, it is no longer easy to attract their attention. While apps offer an effective way to enhance sales and business conversion for businesses. Generating business leads involves a little bit of science and craft.

As far as generating business leads through mobile apps is concerned, you can find too many of them. After mobile app development company finish their job and the app is launched successfully, you need to take up time-tested measures without going for big-budget campaigns to generate leads and propel the acquisition drive. Learning from the experience of leading app marketers worldwide, we are here going to showcase some of the most effective and tried and tested lead generation measures.

Establish Communication

If you make some lucrative offers to the app subscribers, that will help you to generate leads in the most convincing manner. You can always use the communication channels like push notifications and in-app messaging to help users stay updated about these rewards and offers.

On the other hand, always remember that irrelevant notifications lead to user pains and loss of users. This is why it is advisable to create a messing strategy that keeps user preferences and pain points in mind. You should use other channels like websites in tandem with your app communication.

Penetrating Deeper with Localized Data

Mobile apps have created the opportunity to ensure deeper geographical penetration by localizing the data. The apps help businesses create content and data strategy as per the customer requirements in specific geographical locations.

An increasing number of sophisticated mobile apps can now collect accurate data about the target customers by using data analytics and various sensors. As the data collection about users has become extremely easier. The messaging and in-app data can be tweaked for different locations. With the help of localized data, mobile apps can gain more traction and generate more leads.

Smooth Onboarding

For the new app subscribers or users when visiting your mobile app, there is likely to be a lot of hesitation for sharing their personal information on the app platform. At this stage, they would only like to explore the mobile app before they go through the sign-in process. So, you need a satisfactory and easy onboarding process to lead them to the sign-in process and generate a lead.

To help them sign-in by entering their name and communication details such as email ID and phone number, you need to keep the process simple, short and as effortless as possible. Allow them to use the social media signup or guest signup to make things look comfortable.

Chatbot Support

These days chatbot support emerge as the most intuitive way to keep users informed, guide them for different needs and generate crucial leads. The intelligent chatbots powered by a rich data analytics and machine learning algorithm constantly process user activity data and communication to generate precise user insights based upon which they communicate and gain user confidence.

Chatbot support in your app can gather the most relevant user insights and rich reserves of user data to generate leads over time. AI chatbots offer the most powerful and easy way to generate business leads for all digital solutions, including mobile apps.

Improve Omnichannel Customer Service

These days customers want to access the products and services anytime, anywhere they wish. An app can deliver a superior customer experience while allowing you to pick up products from a physical store and connecting to the 24/7 helpline desk right from your mobile app. Combining multiple channels through the smart app interface can ensure a satisfactory customer experience and generate more leads.

Expand to Emerging Markets

If you are localizing app data to target broader audiences across geographical regions, you can offer a multilingual app. Extending your target market and audience through internalization and multilingual communication. These can help push business growth and generate business leads far and wide. While you are operating from South Asia, you can always reach out to emerging markets in other parts of the world through region-specific data, content and feature strategy.

To do this, first, carry out extensive research and find out the most appropriate areas to expand your business. When you finished deciding on the specific zones and regions, you need to tweak the app user experience and various aspects to fit the new audience.


The final solution to generate mobile app leads is to advertise across media channels. When it comes to advertising methods, you have a plethora of platforms. You can avail video ads for social media campaigns targeting each group of customers. OR, You can go for Search Ads to gain more visibility than your competitors. The most important thing is to know what works best for your strategy and stick to the right advertising format to generate interest and buzz from your audience.

You can also go for an ad network, but be careful to choose the reputed one and stay clear. Ad frauds are very common in the marketing landscape, and instead of generating leads, they can pull your reputation down. It is advisable to gradually increase your ad spending for the app instead of going all out at once.


Apart from all the methods and measures we mentioned. There are several other ways to generate business leads through an app. But when it comes to low-budget marketing techniques, these methods work better for startups and small app businesses. Mobile apps already proved to be a great way to generate new business leads and prevent customer attrition and churning.

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