What is Paintball


Paintball is a highly competitive team shooting sport as if you are in an actual shooting situation. Your team’s aim is to eliminate your opponent. You should hit your opponents with dye-filled gelatin capsules. These paintballs immediately break upon impact.

Paintballs are in the form of spherical gelatin capsules that contain polyethylene glycol and other water-soluble substances, and of course, dye. They are made of materials that we can find in food products. Actually they are edible enough to eat but your tongue most probably would disagree with the taste of it since they tend to dry up your mouth.

Does Paintballs Really Hurt?

No one can say how much paintballs hurt. But it could be really painful when you are hit in the back. There aren’t too many muscles to protect your spine. Similarly, it is more painful when you get hit on any exposed flesh. Ouch!

So, what is the point of playing Paintball?

Point of paintball? Well, three words. To have fun. And that is all it is. Similarly, you don’t have to be so serious when playing paintball!

Paintball Guns can kill Me, Right?

What? Do you mean that a paintball gun is a deadly weapon? Heck, no! Firstly, a paintball gun is not fast enough to shoot and if you are familiar with the term projectile, this gun is not that heavy to cause permanent damage.

There is no record of death. As a result, spherical gelatin capsules called paintballs haven’t killed anyone so far.

Final Words

Paintballs are for extreme fun and action. However, treat this game with respect.

Even in our daily activities, there is an element of risk. But always remember that where there is no pain, certainly there is no gain, right?

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