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8 Simple Google Ads Tips That Will Make You More Money


Simple google ads is important to have a profitable paid search campaign that can maximize your revenue. If a PPC campaign is well-execute, it can helpful to overall conversions and revenue. The best way to find potential customers is by looking up Google for what they search for. But sometimes things can go around if your PPC campaign is not well organize. It can cost more compared to what it can help earn back.

Targeting a specific audience is crucial for the business and as is effective messaging. There are some basic tactics that have proven to be consistent in PPC campaigns not depending upon the demands of industry.

There are no such things as perfectly optimize PPC campaigns, but there can be some tricks that have been prove helpful in maximizing results of outcome. Through these tricks eight of the most important ones are listing below. These are most important elements while optimizing PPC campaigns. All of the below mentioned simple google ads tips which have variable functionalities but if implied with decent effort in your paid search, big improvements can be seen in making your business more money.

A Relevant Landing Page:

This is one of the most important aspects of a paid search which has been overlook several times. People often give other parts of paid search more importance compared to utilizing the first page for better reference to your product or site. The next step should be making them stay or forcing them in a way that they cannot help but purchase your product.

First priority is to make a user click an ad; after that it is important to pull that user in for a purchase. In fact, this is the whole purpose of a PPC campaign. Alright so you convinced a use in clicking a given ad, now what?

This was only the first part of the process. The most important one is still there, and that is, to make him buy what he came looking for. This is where the landing page plays its role in converting that visitor into a paying customer. One should always be careful while optimizing their landing page. It needs to be by the requirements of the visitor. It needs to be appealing enough for him to build a trust on what he is buying.

There should be a consistency between the keywords, ad copy and landing page. Which eventually will increase your click-through and conversion rate and should lower the CPC.

By repeating the copy points in your ads on your landing page, the amount of customers can be increase. Just remember use the same message for relevant customers coming to your landing page and the same message can help increase conversions and CTA on your landing page. By repeating this simple task more customers can be gathered on the same page as they already like the message presented to them through ads. Repeating the process should help in acquiring more traffic through ads. This is a simple google ads of increasing revenue by increasing budget.

Optimizing Negative Keywords

So, we know how helpful keywords are in finding a potential customer or user. These keywords play the most important role as they trigger ads according to what that user searches on the internet. Now there is another thing called Negative Keywords. These are the keywords you need to make sure your ads should not appear on. It is as necessary as to show ads on key words as is not to. Sometimes a keyword may look relevant to the one you have used but does not specifically points towards your product or services. In such cases the user that was searching for something may end up at some other place.

Worry not, because Google and Microsoft ads allow you to determine those negative keywords. This can be helpful in many ways. By telling them what is not your product you simply make your ads not show on such keywords searches and they do not appear to the customers you do not want.

Let us take an example of a shoe company that only sells shoes. We can exclude words like laces and socks to ensure users only looking for shoes may see your ads. While the ones looking for other stuff are not directly shown your specific ads.

Negative keywords can be added to improve the whole campaign. But another way to improve it is by adding specific keywords to specific ad groups.

Using Right Keyword Match-Type

Google ads find out about the user intent through keywords. When someone types a search in Google’s search bar, ads appear according to that search.  It depends on how relevant the auction systems consider the search and show ads according to it. The keywords and the modifiers used are necessary to be understood in your PPC campaign.

There are four different ways to tell Google or Bing the keyword matches relevant to your keywords.

  • Broad: This type will look forward to all the relative words to the keyword. It even looks for synonyms to the keywords used.
  • Broad Match Modified: As it may sound similar to the above one, it is partially different. Broad used to show ad for any relevant keyword in the phrase. While this one tells Google to include specific terms in the search query. These terms can be in any possible order or random placement.
  • Phrase Match: This only triggers an ad if the exact phrase as specified is used in the search bar. This query is restricted to contain all the keywords that have been denoted and need to be in the exact same order as recommended.
  • Exact Match: It is similar to phrase match but has a bit of relaxation depending upon the misspelled words, plural of words or singulars etc.

These match are design in accordance with the needs of people. For example; if someone wants more impressions than Broad is the best option to go with. But it has a side walk, that’s you have many irrelevant searches matched as well. Whereas, Exact has the lowest number of impressions but higher accuracy of users according to your exact choice.

Altering Keyword Match Type Over Time

Trying out different ad groups can provide a positive impact with active impressions. It is often about experimenting things. Like using Broad at first and analyzing the ad searches. Then restricting the searches to Exact to find out exactly the required results. These options can be modified over time to gain better results. As the times passes by, searches can be restricted to Phrase or Exact depending upon the stats. Sometimes relying on Modified Broad can help understand things a little better as it increases the range of search queries showing your ads. It can open ways to new understandings as time proceeds.

Completely fill All Available Ad Content

Google ads have improved since the launch of ETA’s (Expanded Text Ads). These ads are filled with enough content to make user understand the whole concept behind the product. This additional space for relevant content can promote stuff according to specified topic or article.

To make ads perform better, it is of supreme importance to fill the forms completely.

  • Final URL: This should be a perfectly manage landing page.
  • Headline 1: This heading should contain the keywords of the topic or article. It should also include brand name or product name.
  • Headline 3: This part can be use to build the context.
  • Path 1: This should contain the relevant content to the main URL. These fields cannot contain the actual landing page address as that has been mentioned in the URL portion.
  • Path 2: Fill this one as well with more relevant information and context for the searcher.
  • Description Lines 1 & 2: This part should be filled according to the needs of a searcher. This should be made as relevant as possible for google to understand what actually your ad is. Always keep in mind that searcher tells you what he needs through his searches. This is the part where you address it.

Google also provides an option for RSAs (Responsive Search Ads).

In such ads you provide Google with headline options and a list of descriptions options. Depending upon these Google will use a combination to find the best results. There can be listed up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions.

Using Relevant Ad Extensions

Extensions are an important part of customer experience and can help boost the performance of your ads. Some of them is as under.

  • Call Extensions: There type of extensions allow you to put your business phone number in the listing.
  • Structured Snippets: These can be use to provide information about multiple features offer besides the basic ones. These depend upon different categories which can be use upon need.
  • Callout Extensions: These can be use to build users focus towards different services provide on demand. These services may include “Fast Delivery” or “Better Safety” etc.
  • Location Extension: These can be use to point user to your office or company location. For this to work you need to link your My Business account to your Google Ads account.
  • Sitelinks Extensions: These can provide additional links on your website that may direct to unique pages listed on the site. These can be helpful in allowing users to find relevant pages to the article they are currently on.

Bids Adjustment for Geotargeting

Targeting a specific audience can help if your services or products are listing in limited areas. Review your target audience to prioritize specific areas of most interest. Local businesses like hostels, hostels, bakeries and other physical offices usually target an audience in limited area around them.

But geotargeting is not only limit to this. You can optimize your PPC campaign even based on weather, seasons and other user needs.

Let’s say you sell water heaters. You can sell them to the colder part of the world by targeting a specific audience in cold areas since people in those area is in genuine need of such products and you also have a better chance of selling.

This method cab use to prevent showing ads in areas with no needs of your products. Simply increase bid in the area of needs and by doing so your business can flourish like never before. Many people do not consider this method as this is one of the best way of targeting audience.

Try Moving to Mobile

The amount of cell phone in this world is probably higher than computers due to the growing needs of mobile phones. Campaigns focused on mobile can give you better opportunities towards deriving mobile customers. Differentiating between mobile customers is a faster and more efficient way to target an audience.

Since there are more mobile users than desktops and laptops. A positive change can use to divert audience from there to your business.

If a better audience is coming from mobile campaign, desktop campaign can be negative bid.

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