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Starting a Business: Idea Phase

Business Startup

Starting a business can be a tough task when it comes to the thought process. People think that they have to start a business but they don’t know what should be the first step for it. I’ll be explaining the thorough process of starting a business and how to take exactly. The first step that is of most importance. Plus, what are the important rules to start a successful business and the great ideas that can lead to a great start.

There are some weird theories that have confused people for so long that people are frightened to do something new or fresh. One of these theory in the minds of people is that you have to invent something from scratch, something new that no one has never done before, something new in this world but make sure it is according to the needs of the people. If you cannot do that, you have no chance of having a successful startup. Many people quit with the ideas inside their heads and these people are mostly the ones suppressed by these thoughts.

When to Start

Another one of these weird questions that a person asks to himself is that “Is this the right time to start a business”?

Today I’ll be answering both of these question and we will discuss some other problems that arrive during the idea process of a business.

First things first “When to start a business?” or “What is the best time to start a business?”. Both of these are similar questions and have similar answers as well.

The answer to this question is “Just Do It”. You have to take a decision at some point in your life, why not now? There is never a best or perfect time to start a business. All that could be done is to follow one’s instincts. It is possible that you may fail at start but there a saying that “Failure is one step closer to Success”. There can be opportune times that may prove helpful being considered while taking a new start. Let us suppose that current times are strong economic time and people have plenty of cash to throw at new things. This is your time to start something new and give them a good option to spend that cash. They will be willing to spend it somewhere, pulling their attention towards your business would help them throw that money at you.

We can assume another scenario where it’s weak economic times. People can start a new business in that time as well. Reason being that at such times other business sell their used stuff or even sell the whole business at cheaper rates than normal. It can also be considered a good time to collect stuff for your startup as it is going to be cheaper and at negotiable prices.

Start from Paper

Alright! To start something, you need to find out if someone needs it or not? Well that process can be simplified into sub parts. Let’s start with grabbing a pen and a paper. Draw a line in the center with likes on left and dislikes on the right side. Now what you have to do is simply write things that you are good at on the left side. Let’s say you are good at sports, reading books, cooking, eating, typing some articles or any other random stuff. It can be filled with hobbies that are helpful as a daily life routine. For example; Some people love reading books, some love writing them, some people love cooking and some people love to watch other cook, some people love children, some are good at computers etc. Once you are done with it, move to the other side of the sheet.

Here write all the things that you have never liked in your life and create a list for it. Things that even if you had option a start a business for free, you would never do it.

Since you know what you like and dislike about yourself, try and reference these likes towards the business plan that you have created inside your head. See if things go according to what you had in your mind for so long. This will tell you if your business has actual need or not and it will also clarify a lot of things inside your head as well.

Facts and Analysis

Let us talk about numbers, over a million different businesses start every year in US. But those are not factual numbers. Still there are millions of people that think about starting a business that year but they drop the idea of doing so. Just because their minds are filled with negativity from watching people around them fail. Yet reminds of another saying “Failing is not bad, it’s not trying to start”.

It is possible for you face problems during your journey. I mean, who does not? Every startup faces its own hindrance. Some get over them easily and some take time to cross them. Nevertheless, it is necessary to start. Thinking only will not get you somewhere. Mostly people are afraid to start because they have a concept in their minds of building from zero. This concept has no concrete existence as improving what is already there is also an important part. How would this world grow if everyone started from scratch? Improvising what’s already there is also a crucial part. Just before you take a go, ask your heart “Is this what I love to do?”

Find your Motivation

Most people that have achieved success in their lives, at some point in their lives, have asked the same question to themselves. This is what motivates someone to keep doing what they are best at. It is not guaranteed that you will never fail at starting a business. If you fail, get up, go there and put up a fight again. Keep doing it unless you make it to the top. You never get bored from what you love to do the most. Loving something that you do can take you to better heights than doing something you don’t love and getting a successful start in it. Because eventually this question is going to hit your brain one day that do you love what you do or is it just you are a machine that has spent his whole life of something that was not worth it. Should you have done what you loved from the start?

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