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11 Ways Exterior Paint Colors Could Boost Your Home’s Value

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Many homeowners have found the experience as close to being a nightmare as it can possibly get. They are dismayed at the lack of response once they have listed their home. Months can go by without even an offer.

This situation is more common than you may think. But do not worry, there are ways to upgrade your home that will increase the value of your home while not costing you a lot of money. The experts agree that the following exterior painting tips will help you sell your home quicker

Curb appeal is vital

The look your home has from the sidewalk makes or breaks a potential sale. When the exterior paint does not look right, your home may be passed by for better-looking opportunities.

Picking the right exterior paint color is vital to great curb appeal and you can upgrade your home’s coat of paint plus do a little landscaping for as little as $3,000. The good news is that with that little effort, you can make your money back in the increased value of your home.

How to pick the exterior paint colours?

#1. Avoid bright colors

A lot of the time, exterior designers say that  if you want your home to sell quickly, avoid bright colors. Often these bright colors are personal choices that are not shared by potential home buyers.’

you can accent your front door or shutters with a bright color but keep the rest of the house a neutral color. Bright colors may impress on social media outlets but then the people impressed are not considering buying your home.


#2. Use black on your front door

When it comes to using the right exterior color, the real estate experts often say that painting your front door black can increase the value of your home by almost 3%.


#3. Avoid yellow at all costs

Light colors show the dirt. It does it on fabrics and it will do it to your home as well. Yellow does not hide anything and the dirty look is a big turnoff, according to the home improvement experts.


#4. Be environmentally friendly

The right features help sell your home no matter the color that is on the exterior siding. With solar panels on the roof, homes have sold for approx. 4% more than they would if those solar panels weren’t there.


#5. Shades matter

The shade of the exterior color matters a lot. Sage green is one of the best green shades to have on your home especially when that color leans towards the lighter side of the spectrum.

Couple that fresh, neutral look with trim painted in white or black and you have a natural feel to your home that blends well with the current landscaping. The color is not overpowering nor is it muting anything you want to highlight.

#6. The best color for the home

While paint covers a multitude of sins, there is no one color fits all type of paint. You need to consider the design of your home when picking a color. Plus, you need to consider the neighborhood your home is located before you buy the paint.

Honespaint, a local painting company in Sydney, says the architectural style of the home dictates the color of the paint. A Victorian home should be painted with Victorian colors. Also, some homes look better with 2 colors while other designs look best with only 1 and good trim color.


#7. Your region also matters

Believe it or not, different regions of the country have their own unique paint colors that work best for homes. For example, the Southern region likes to have its homes painted with dark colors, while the northern suburbs in sydney prefers what are called the coastal hues- white, grey, blue, and so on.

#8. Go with neutral shades and tones

One thing about home buyers is that they are already paying a lot of money for the home. They do not want to pay more to repaint the place after they buy the house. Stick with neutral colors that go with just about anything.

People also say that subtle contrasting colors on the trim areas is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal and the look of your home. Those tones also highlight the important features in your home’s design. The right look motivates buyers and your home may sell quickly.

#9. Check the laws before you paint

Some top real estate analyst also remind homeowners that there may be certain laws in place that govern what color you can use and who can choose that color. When you live in a historic home, the local historical society or the landmark preservation commission in your area may have the power to decide your home’s paint color.

This power may extend to your non-historical home if you live on a street filled with historical homes.

#10. Bold may not be beautiful

Yes, you may like to express yourself and your unique personality but bold may not always be beautiful to potential home buyers. Real estate agents point out that bold colors are individualistic and not right for everyone.

Appealing to the largest pool of potential home buyers means you should stick to more neutral colors when you put your house up for sale. Your bold color scheme may narrow the number of people who would be interested in buying your home.

#11. There is always white

This is a color that never goes out of style and is neutral enough to allow for a variety of colors to be used on your trim. Plus, this is a timeless look that has a lot of appeal to potential home buyers.

According to home experts, a white exterior is the best attention grabber and keeps the home looking sleek and clean. A white exterior provides a potential home buyer with what is called a blank slate where they can add their own personal landscaping and other touches.

Also, a white color allows potential home buyers to envision the building in another color whereas a non-white color makes that more difficult to do.

Some final words

Paint does cover a multitude of sins and makes your home more attractive. Finding the right exterior paint to inspire potential home buyers to buy your home is a challenge. But it can be done if you follow the tips above.

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