Kissanime Illegal

Is Kissanime illegal?


You must have realized that the anime industry is growing fast, probably faster than any other entertainment sector if you are a film lover. Consequently, more streaming and downloading sites are developed daily. However, only a few of the sites are legit, safe, and legal.

Chances are, if you search for the best sites to stream and download animations, you will find hundreds of sites being recommended by other anime fanatics like you. Kissanime is one of the most suggested sites you will undoubtedly come across. There hundred reasons why people love Kissanime. Video quality, subbed and captioned series, quantity of movies and series, and charges (free anime accessibility) are among the reasons why Kissanime is loved. However, one of the crucial factors you should consider before settling on an anime or any other entertainment website is its legality and safety.

When you research the legality of Kissanime, you will probably come across some sites supporting the fact that it is legal and others stating that it is illegal. This may confuse you, especially if it is your favorite site.

So, is Kissanime illegal or legal?

Let’s find out!

Here, we will discuss the legality of Kissanime. We will review the laws and regulations that define the safety and lawfulness of anime websites, particularly Kissanime.

Let’s get started.

Kissanime Safety and Legality

Kissanime is an entertainment website. Therefore, two main categories of laws – entertainment laws and internet laws and regulations –apply to Kissanime and other entertainment sites. The website, Kissanime should comply with tons of rules in these categories. This article will discuss the sub-categories – different laws and regulations – in the two main categories, precisely the legal requirements that apply to Kissanime and websites alike.

Let’s dive in.

NOTE: The information provided in this article is not for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) or legal advice; hence should not be used, WHATSOEVER, as a legal reference.

Entertainment Laws

The entertainment industry is a complex sector. Therefore, the legal requirements in this field are source from a range of legal fields. In other words, the legal requirements overlap with all sets of laws starting from constitutional laws, common or case rules, to administrative regulations. Generally, entertainment law, also known as media law, refers to a collection of legal requirements that govern the entertainment industry, covering all aspects of media and extending to intellectual property, finance, employment, publicity and privacy, and security fields.

Several sub-categories of entertainment law apply to Kissanime.

Entertainment Laws Applying to Kissanime

  • Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual property law is a relatively broad field covering copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents. Regarding entertainment websites like Kissanime, the copyright rules apply significantly. Copyrights protect the authorship of original works. It provides the authors of original works the right to duplicate, distribute, and legally use the pieces, including in profit gains areas.

On the other hand, the laws prohibit commercial use of copyrighted content by the general public. That is, other people other than the authorized persons should not duplicate or redistribute copyrighted works. Additionally, individuals should not use original pieces in public places without the copyright owner’s consent. Therefore, as a Kissanime fan, you are not authorized to download anime content intending to redistribute them.

In addition, copyrights do not authorize websites to host or distribute copyrighted content without the authors’ consent. However, the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA) protects internet service providers and intermediaries against potential liability for copyright infringement to a certain extent, shielding Kissanime from possible liability that may result from copyright infringement.

  • Censorship Laws

Censorship law refers to rules that regulate the freedom of speech and writings and the use of images, videos, and other content considered harmful, sensitive, abusive, or inconvenient. The law prohibits disclosure or use of sensitive information such as info regarding national security. It also forbids the use of objectionable content such as pornographic materials in public facilities. Lastly, the law controls the use of obscenities and hate speeches.

Note laws in different states view websites as public facilities. Therefore, the concerned sites should not offer uncensored content.

The law aims to protect national security, prevent immorality, and protect children and vulnerable people from inconvenient experiences.

Asian countries, Eritrea, Cuba, Belarus, and Vietnam are some countries with the strictest censorship laws in the world.

  • Internet Content Providing (ICP)

The internet content providing (ICP) law, also known as Telecommunications Regulations law, refers to the codes that regulate the operation or accessibility of particular international websites and applications in certain countries. The government authorities and other relevant bodies evaluate different websites and licenses the eligible sites, permitting accessibility in the concerned state. For example, websites such as YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, among other websites, are blocked in china – they are not accessible.

For international websites such as Kissanime to be accessible smoothly in various countries, they have to be authorized/licensed. Therefore, Kissanime is not accessible in countries like China, where it is blocked/unlicensed.

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Internet and Application Laws the Apply to Kissanime

  • Accessibility Laws

In almost all states globally, discrimination is highly discourage, and laws have been made to protect people with disability. The United States is one of the renowned states with strict rules against discrimination against people with disabilities. America’s ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) oversees and prohibits discrimination against Americans with disabilities, particularly in public facilities.

Like America, legal fields of over 20 states worldwide interpret websites, both government and private websites, as public entities. Therefore, accessibility laws in various countries apply to local and international websites accessible in those countries.

The accessibility laws require websites to comply with the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). WCAG requires all websites to;

  1. Provide perceivable content – visible and audible content,
  2. Offer understandable content– web visitors can understand the content in the concerned website,
  3. Be operable – web users can navigate the site at ease, including searching content (easy-to-use interface), and
  4. Content should be robust – can be use and interpreted across assistive devices.

The laws vary in different countries. However, the above principles are share.

Kissanime meets the above requirements. The official Kissanime website has an easy-to-navigate interface. It offers content suitable for everybody, including people with hearing disabilities – most Kissanime movies and series are caption as required by the law.


  • Cyber Security Laws and Regulations

Cybersecurity laws and regulations cover all aspects of cyber (information communication technology). They protect website users from cybercrimes. The law oversees websites’ invulnerability to attacks that can result in severe consequences to web visitors. The relevant government authorities and other bodies have set guidelines that ensure necessary website standards.

Generally, cybersecurity laws and regulations focus on the safety of websites and site users. However, they are legal requirements that all live websites should meet. In other words, web developers and owners have to comply with the set rules and regulations while developing websites. Additionally, website owners should ensure that their websites are always safe for use through regular security checks.

Additionally, the law prohibits website owners from collecting or sharing users’ data without their consent. It also obligates them to ensure secure storage of collected user information.

Kissanime does not collect its user’s information illegally. Users have to agree with its terms and conditions before submitting personal data. Additionally, Kissanime does not ask its users to submit sensitive information to access its services.


Have you heard about Wonder Egg Priority? Oh, no! Let me restate my question. Have you watched the Wonder Egg Priority yet?

The series and others like the incredible and absurd Sk∞, Jujutsu Kaisen, and others are available online for streaming and perhaps downloading.  Considering the mentioned laws, it is evident that Kissanime is a legal and safe website for streaming your favorite anime series, including the new releases we’ve just mentioned. However, it is not recommendable to download animations, especially if you intend to use them for financial gain. Otherwise, downloading for your personal use is entirely legal.

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