Is Kissanime Illegal?


There is no doubt that Kissanime is one of the largest anime streaming websites. Is Kissanime illegal? This question is continuously circulating among anime lovers about the legality of Kissanime.

Using Kissanime is not illegal. However, downloading the episodes on your computer is somehow illegal. If you would only watch and stream it, then it is not illegal.

Others tell that Kissanime is not legit. Their reason is that Kissanime streams all of its anime content without legal permission.  As a result, it causes confusion for most anime lovers.

Worried about Kissanime Legality?

You need not worry about the legality of Kissanime. After all, it is not related to you in any certain amount. You will not be caught for merely streaming videos from Kissanime. That is to say, there should be no problem downloading the videos that you want. Just follow the rules.

Legality in Finland

kiss anime

As a good example, it is not punishable in Finland to download TV shows and movies from the Internet. It can be from a streaming service from YouTube or Kissanime, as a matter of fact.

As mentioned it only applies in Finland. Much better if you will verify your country about its point of view. For sure, you don’t want to be involved in illegal activities, right? In that case, doing the right thing makes sense.

Final Words

Most of us love anime movies and series as well.  And there are times that we tend to watch them more than once. You can download and watch videos from the Kissanime site. However, it should only be for your own consumption.

In other words, you should not share it with other individuals. This is to avoid any inconvenience on your part. After all, you don’t want any mess in your life.



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